Friday, 12 October 2012


Hello everyone, and thanks for tuning in last evening for the start of our regular season!

For those who missed any of the games:

a)  How could you, you heartless bastard?
b) Take a look at this article for a quick, concise recap of what's happened in the league.

I'll frequently post updates recapping the goings ons of the Lockout League (maybe not daily, but very often), just to keep everyone and everything up to date. This is one of those updates.

  • In the first match of the day, the Boston Bruins got absolutely shellacked by the Philly Flyers. As a Canucks fan, this fills my heart with pure joy.
  • Also as a Canucks fan, I was very happy to see them come out with a 5-4 victory over their (once) rivals, the Calgary Flames. Even with an Alex Burrows hat trick, the Flames managed to make it closer than it should have been. 
  • In another Canadian match up, the Ottawa Senators came out on top against the Montreal Canadiens.
  • In a relatively low scoring game with the Colarado Avalanche and St. Louis Blues, the Aves came out with the two points right after the puck drop in overtime.

  Since the season is young, there isn't too much analysis to be done, since most of the league hasn't hit the ice yet. Keep tuning in as the season shapes up.

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